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  • If I take a course am I licensed?
    We do not give out licenses, only certifications! However, do not let this discourage you! You do not need a license in order to take our course! We will show you how to start your business and how to build a clientele. We will set you up for success!
  • Do I have to travel to Atlanta?
    NO! We will come to you and train you or you can partake in our online course, taking the course in the comfort of your own home! We train nationwide!
  • Do I still receive certification if I take the online course?
    YES! This course is just the same as an in person course including hands on training! This course in convenient for our students as well as cheaper!
  • How many students are in the class?
    We have a class limit of 5 students so that everyone can receive hands on training with the instructor!
  • What is the refund policy?
    For our courses we have a strict no refund policy! On on products you may exchange within 7 days of purchasing.


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